Digital solutions designed for senior housing facilities.

A pioneer of videoconferencing systems and digital displays, TECHNOSENS offers a complete range of digital solutions for nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Creating social connection

TECHNOSENS offers a range of equipment and services to enable real digital transformation within nursing homes and senior residences. These digital solutions strengthen and facilitate connections between residents, families, carers and external healthcare providers.

Information is shared and connections are established via residents’ TVs, screens in facilities and via an app for family and staff.

  • Videoconferencing calls (family, carers, etc.)
  • Sharing of photos and messages
  • Services through a TV such as the weather forecast, a calendar and games
  • Alerts for isolation, inactivity, alleviating concerns through videoconferencing
  • Smart home automation and door control
  • Small family newsletter (printed / shared by the facility)
  • Digital displays throughout the facility
  • Internal TV station (broadcast in bedrooms)
  • Small facility newsletter
  • Teleconsultations
  • Smart home devices
  • Medical devices

e-lio Manager

All e-lio digital solutions are run from a centralized tool. Administrators control all information and manage all services (available “à la carte”) from the e-lioManager platform.

The system easily pairs up with third-party services or industry software with complete transparency for users. Employees exchange information via their professional app connected to e-lio.

At TECHNOSENS we develop our digital solutions in harmony with other equipment and service providers (administration, catering, home automation, etc.) used by senior residences. This enables coherent and global management, saving teams significant amounts of time.