Regional governments, health and social care and economic stakeholders

In the field since 2007, at TECHNOSENS we’re in direct contact with every player in the “aging well” ecosystem so we can build solid partnerships in order to develop technologies that meet the needs of users, administrators and health and social care professionals.

Public/private sector administrators and healthcare stakeholders

When it comes to providing the best services for seniors, and high-performance tools for health and social care professionals that are cost effective, the challenges are considerable.

TECHNOSENS has close ties with administrators at senior living facilities, as well as those they care for, both in the public and private sector. These exchanges help us improve our services and/or offer the most relevant solutions for elderly people, their families, and the professionals that work with them.


Covered by insurance companies

Videoconferencing, teleconsultations, alert systems…Our solutions are of interest to those involved in social and health protection.

A win-win situation. Housing facilities and residents benefit from more efficient and fast services. Going paper-free reduces costs to improve service. Depending on the agreement, subscriptions or certain aspects of our services may be covered by insurance companies.

with providers

Partnerships with providers provide nursing homes and housing facilities with complete solutions that meet current internet standards.

International development

TECHNOSENS technologies are already in use in Switzerland, Spain, England and Canada.

Our development takes place alongside our partners, whether they are service providers or through direction relationships with groups that manage facilities.

TECHNOSENS can explore any type of partnership, whether with private operators, insurance companies, health or social care stakeholders, or distributors of solutions in housing facilities for elderly people (residences with or without medical support, such as: nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or temporary residences like hotels and holiday resorts).