The leader in digital solutions for nursing homes and “senior ready” living environments

At TECHNOSENS we research,
develop and
install ergonomic digital solutions that improve human interaction within facilities and beyond, for care staff, families and residents.

From videoconferencing for seniors to the digital transformation of residential
facilities and in-home care.

In 2007 TECHNOSENS developed e-lio, the most robust and reliable senior-focused videoconferencing system on the market Building on our success and technological advances, we quickly earned the trust of major investors to be able to expand our offering over the years.

TECHNOSENS now offers a wide range of digital solutions for nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other housing options for elderly people. This technology also opens up multiple opportunities for in-home support as well as for senior hospitality in all sorts of facilities such as hotels and other tourist accommodation.

Innovative and caring wellbeing entrepreneurs.

At TECHNOSENS, people are at the heart of everything we do, from seniors and carers to families and administrators. This philosophy guides our teams, clients and partners every single day.

Our teams of engineers are developing integrated digital solutions that connect easily and helpfully with industry software and equipment that’s already in place such as screens, smart home devices and services