Integration for interoperability with industry equipment, services and software already in use.

At TECHNOSENS our digital solutions connect easily with other tools (services, equipment and software) for centralized use.

Linking technology, hardware and services to link people.

Any assisted living facility, retirement community, nursing home, sheltered housing or even tourist accommodation that’s aiming to become “senior ready” has to contend with multiple different devices, industry software, and third-party equipment and services.

As we are able to connect all these systems, TECHNOSENS supports these facilities as they embark on global digital transformation, allowing them to maintain control and cohesion, while saving time.

During installation, our engineering teams collaborate with software publishers, and equipment and service providers, as well as, most importantly, facility employees so we can meet their expectations and listen to their needs and recommendations regarding usage by staff, residents and families.

Industry software:  simplified integration and added value thanks to data linkage.

The centralized e-lioManager management system can pair up with industry software to simplify administration and avoid repetition (duplicate entries) for care record management software, information systems and menu management software.

At TECHNOSENS our teams can collaborate with suppliers or internal teams to link up and centralize data split across multiple tools.

Connected integration with smart home management, or specialized equipment or service provision.

Our digital solutions are designed to connect to and make the most of high valued added equipment and services offered by residences including home automation, medical sensors, fall detectors, medical alarms, and connected furniture, tablets, smartphones and televisions.

TECHNOSENS helps bring out the best of all devices and increase usage by simplifying access with more compatibility.

Our engineers continually work with equipment and service providers, and industry software publishers.