Covid-19: TECHNOSENS is on the front line!

20 Jun 2020 | News

This time of Covid-19 and lockdown have confirmed (if that were needed) the relevance of TECHNOSEN’s vision and innovations.

In nursing homes and assisted living facilities, as well as for in-home care, the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically cut connections between elderly people and their families. Lockdown has been very challenging for our seniors. Between loneliness, isolation and a lack of understanding, they have needed, more than ever, social connection, and they have needed us.

TECHNOSENS will soon offer in-home care services

A surprising result for TECHNOSENS was that our switchboard was overwhelmed with calls from individuals looking for ways to (re)establish contact with their elderly relatives who found themselves completely alone in their homes. Not only was it no longer possible to visit them, but many families realized they were also ill-equipped to communicate.

Unfortunately, we weren’t quite ready to offer our services in homes. We’ve been working on this for several months and it will be launched in 2021. It’s more of a priority now than ever! No one would want to live through this Covid-19 pandemic again, but it has given us, and especially families, an understanding of the value of ways to stay in touch, even when all is well in the world.

During the Covid-19 lockdown we equipped over 70 facilities

Many facilities, nursing homes and assisted living facilities have also come to TECHNOSENS looking for ways to help their senior residents communicate with their families. The suddenness of events surprised us as it did everyone else, and we have had to work with very limited stocks. Our aim has to been to offer solutions that meet all demands.

Being responsive is part of our DNA. Our teams have been working hard and have drawn on their creativity to meet demand. We have therefore been offering “combo” solutions with a videoconferencing terminal and setting up our “small personalized newsletter”. This is all accessible from the e-lio app for families. Residences have either put the videophone on a movable trolley or set it up in a dedicated room. A simple television set equipped with our e-lio box lets them connect to multiple services.

We have established really strong links with facilities, and health and social care professionals. In an emergency situation where solidarity is key, we’ve all learned a lot from these exchanges. More than ever, TECHNOSENS’ vision and innovation has been given meaning, which is very motivating for us!